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  你知道you can you up,no can no BB是什么意思吗?还有被录入的“you can you up(你行你上啊)”在美国在线俚语词典Urban Dictionary中被发现,解释中还“附赠”了配套用语“no can no BB”(不行就别乱喷)。该词语出现,就收到了290多个Zan,热度可见一斑。

  1. you can you up, no can no BB 你行你上啊, 不行别逼逼

  Translated from Chinglish. If you can do it then you should go up and do it. It's used against people who criticize others' work, especially when the criticizer is not that much better. Often followed by "no can no BB", which means "if you can't do it then don't even criticize it".



  "That person does not deserve the award."


  "You can you up, no can no BB"


  2、no zuo no die 不作死就不会死



  This phrase is of Chinglish origin. Means if you don't do stupid things, they won't come back and bite you in the ass. (But if you do, they most certainly will.) Zuo /zwo/ is a Chinese character meaning 'act silly or daring (for attention)'



  A: Some dude baked cookies shaped like iPhone, held it by the mouth when driving, tried to mess with traffic cops.


  B: Did he pull it off?


  A: Cop was pissed and ran his name through the system. Turns out he's got speed tickets unpaid!


  B: No zuo no die.


  3、tuhao 土豪(专题)



  Chinese nouveau riche. New money, mostly not well spent.


  The tuhao have become a punching bag on China’s blogosphere for being the symbol of wasteful wealth and unrefined taste.


  4、gelivable 给力



  adj. A Chinglish word, be able to excite, make someone feel cheerful. ge- in Chinese means give, li- means power, strength or energy.



  Wow, China overtakes Japan as world's second-biggest economy, it is so gelivable!


  5、long time no see 好久不见

  I have not seen you for a long time.



  Hey Jeff, long time no see.


  6、people mountain people sea 人山人海



  It means there are a lot of people in some place, very crowded. usually describe a big event, a scene.


  The word comes from Chinese idiom. It is a Chinese English word, just like "long time no see".

  这个词语来自中国成语,和“long time no see”一样属于中式英语单词。


  The parade is great, there is people mountain people sea.


  7、zhuangbility 装逼

  It's Chinese English. In Chinese, 'Zhuang' means 'play'.


  Zhuangbility means 'to boast' or somewhat in English.


  8、niubility 牛逼



  It's a Chinglish. In Chinese Niu means cow,which also means that someone is very capable. Bi (pronunciation Bee), which is used to refer a person rudely.


  9、shability 傻逼



  'Sha' means 'silly' in Chinese. 'A silly pussy' means 'a fool' or 'a person that makes everything worse'.



  Many people think they are full of niubility, and like to play zhuangbility, which only reflect their shability.




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