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正如David Icke 说的,“自由女神像是兄弟会的一个象征,意思是说‘我们控制着这个国家,我们正在告诉你们这件事,但你们太蠢看不出来!’




自由女神像是光明会的一个象征,这个象征突出了点燃的火炬。自由女神矗立在她的小岛上。人们以为她代表这片自由的土地上的人民的自由,大错特错。这座雕像是法国的共济会员送给美国人的,一个复制建筑矗立在巴黎塞纳河的一个岛上。这座雕像代表巴比伦人的塞米拉米斯(Semiramis)王后(或者埃及人的伊西斯)。太阳的光线围绕着头部, 古人用这种方式象征太阳。她举的不是自由的火炬,而是启蒙(启迪,enlightenment)的火炬。火炬是光明会的一个象征。正如David Icke 说的,“自由女神像是兄弟会的一个象征,意思是说‘我们控制着这个国家,我们正在告诉你们这件事,但你们太蠢看不出来!’”

The Statue of Liberty is a Illuminati symbol which highlights the lighted torch. She stands on her little Island, and the people think she stands for their liberty in the Land of the Free, nothing can be further from the truth. The Statue was given to the Americans by French Freemasons (Masonry is an Illuminati organization), and a replica stands  on an island on the Seine river in Paris. The statue represents Queen Semiramis of the Babylonians (or Isis to the Egyptians) with the rays of the sun around her head.
The Ancients symbolized the sun in this way. And she's not holding the ''torch of liberty'' but the torch of enlightenment, an Illuminati symbol. As David Icke says, ''The Statue of Liberty is a brotherhood symbol which says 'we control this country, we are telling you so, but your too stupid to see it!'' 


One of their most used symbols is that of the Eternal Flame, which symbolizes Knowledge and the Sun. The flame represents the knowledge that only the members can access, the rest of us get but a fraction of it. And it also symbolizes the sun, which is very important to these people because the sun symbolizes enlightenment, or illumination.


他们(共济会员)使用的最多的一个象征是代表知识和太阳的永恒的火焰(火炬)。火焰代表只有成员才能获得的知识, 我们这些其余的人只能获得一小部分知识。火焰还象征太阳,太阳对这些人非常重要。因为太阳象征启蒙(启迪,enlightenment),或启迪(光照,illumination)。



The Maltese Cross was found in caves in the former Phoenician lands of Cappadocia, now Turkey, dating back thousands of years to the Phoenician occupation of the region at least. It became the symbol of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta.....ever wonder why St. Johns High School has the Knights as their Logo?), the Knights Templar, and the Nazis.






The Crown were used by the British monarchs(notice the Maltese Crosses on them).





the Lion is so often seen in Heraldry, State and Provincial Seals, and Flags because it is an ancient symbol of the Sun.




 青春就应该这样绽放  游戏测试:三国时期谁是你最好的兄弟!!  你不得不信的星座秘密

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