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He Xin: Six Key Aspects of Greece Pseudohistory


The key point of the question of authenticity of Greek civilization lies in six aspects as follows. And these are the vital points of the fact that all the cunning foreign devils and those fake ones all the time averted positive response elaborately:

I. The vital point of the authenticity of Greek history: in the history there has never existed something like “Greece” or “Greek culture”

Actually, the argument of my criticism on the Greece pseudoculture and pseudohistory could be divided into the following four key points:

1. Before the Greek independence campaign against the rule of Ottoman Turks was launched in the 19th century, there had been no existence of a unified, independent and autonomous country with sovereignty named “Greece” formed on the Greek peninsula throughout the history.

2. The ancient Greece has never formed a unified country and, also, an independent sovereignty, no kingship, dynasty or king. Supposing that a country has never gained its independence in a history, how could it has its independent nation and culture?

[In most period of the history, some parts of Greek peninsula were subordinated to Persia, Macedonian Empire, Roman Empire and the Eastern Roman Empire. Later on, its jurisdiction was transferred to Ottoman Empire.] 

3. Before Alexander conquered city-states of ancient Greece, in Greek peninsula there had been only a few city-states with backward economy and culture like Athens with only a couple of tens of thousands of citizens in its most prosperous period. There had not been precedence to fall back regarding big colonial empire—in the history there hasn’t existed a single unified Kingdom of Greece or Greek Empire and any jurisdiction of a city-state has never covered more than its strictly confined area in its indigenous territory.

4. All the circulated and admired “the great Greek history in earlier history” were absolutely concocted and fabricated fairy stories coming from “Homer’s Epic” of unknown origin by after the Renaissance, and that means those had never turned up in previous history.

Gao completely averted all my four fundamental questions, while he talked about something trifling seemingly as a knowledgeable scholar. As a matter of fact, it was only some stuff without any efficacy to be responsive to my questions.

In fact, whoever wants to refute me, Old He, is unnecessary to remark something like that stuff. It could be a better start from those four points—please cite an example to prove the existence of a single unified Kingdom of Greece or Greek Dynasty, Greek Empire or Greek Democratic and Federal State before 1832 in the world and when and where it took place, which facilitates the process of paying back its greatness and glory.

If no precedence could be found proving unified Greece as an entity and principal part of Greek civilization, it has to be admitted that all the fairy tales made up of “ancient Greek Civilization” had no their owners.  And no idea came that where the ancient Greece was.  So all that was just junk things, including his passage used for clarifying the civilization of the ancient Greece.

II. Homer was an Asian and Homer’s Epics weren’t Greek Epics

Let me repeat it, the Homer's Epics had a suspicious and unknown origin.

Where on the hell did the Homer come from? Homer was a world citizen without nationality, or, he was a European of Greek peninsula? Nope, instead, an Asian and people of Asia Minor. 

An interesting question comes that, without the history of a Greece, how does the comment come that Homer’s masterpiece were all about Greek fairy tales and epics?

Actually, the question that, who Homer was, male or female, and a single man or a group of people has not been clear in Western academic circles, without any ultimate conclusion! However, all the available Greek prehistory was fabricated based upon the unclear pseudo history and fairy tales!

[The Library of Alexandria, known as the unique owner archiving the original book, Homer, it was said, had been destroyed in chaos of war in the earlier the Christian era without any remains. But Western classical academic history, composed by Sandys in 19th century in Britain, was highly raved about. It’s nothing useful!  That book was just used for plugging the loopholes of the fabricated Western history, which recorded waste stuffs and was filled with lies. Like the Library of Alexandria, which Sandys said survived the fire hazard,actually was a great blow to Gibbon, the ancestor of the ancient Greece and Rome.

The Library of Alexandria, remaining or not, possible or impossible was still a controversial question in Western history, a Western incredible history! Most of the Western Greek and Roman masterpieces that popped up after the Renaissance have still been so far uncertain in authenticity.]

Gao has listed in detail a series of discoveries on Homer’s Epics in Egyptian papyrus fragments by British versed in fabricating history. I am not a scholar of edition of Homer, and disinclined to discuss the authenticity of these matters above. What I will say, is that these papyrus fragments will do nothing with the pseudo history of Greece. 


The content of Homer’s Epics is something about the legend that Achaeans attacked Ilium City, which, however, didn’t take place in Greek peninsula and was not Greek civil war. Now that the reality of Greece’s existence was unreal, where could you find the Greek civil war? So, the Achaeans called by Homer were, in reality, Asian (Ionian—citizen of Asia Minor), rather than European of Greek peninsula, Athens or Greece.

From the perspective of Western archaeology in the past century, it was thought that the war in the Homer’s Epics was waged in Asia and Asia Minor of the east coast of Mediterranean Sea. (For example, in the end of 19th century, Schliemann, a German scholar, explored the relics of an ancient city in the western coast of Asia Minor, concluding that the ancient city was the capital Ilion of Troy.)

All in all, the Homer’s Epics has nothing related to the so-called history of Greek peninsula, particularly, the history of Athens and Greece. It was unreasonable to treat Homer’s Epics as Greek Epics.

III. Mycenaean civilization and Minoan culture didn’t come from Greece

Someone put it that Minoan and Messinia culture could be found in Greek archaeology. But, could you find a Greece in BC 3000-1000 in the world?

If not, why could the two independent and self-existing ancient culture of islands be taken over to nonexistent ancient Greece? Someone referred to fairy tales of Homer—— it is an absolute shit! If the Homer’s fairy tales could serve as a testimony to history, the Journey to the West and the Legend of Deification could be filed in the textbook as an authentic history to learn!

So-called Minoan and Messinia archaeology, though dug out as a discovery, were not purely fake stuffs, in which, most were doubted as fake antique. (Like the clay pots with exquisite patterns were doubtful, for all the human being had not reached that level to fire colored pottery and attach exquisite patterns to the pots)  As to that ox-headed monster Minos, the king of Crete, was absolutely a fake stuff. Something like linear text A/B made up of mud, that should be square characters, in my eyes, was almost a fake stuff, too. I boldly doubt it while discreetly proving it. I assume whether foreign people made it in copy of square characters of inscription on pottery. Something like clay matrix was so easy to copy

IV. The text of the masterpieces of Plato and Aristotle is doubtful

As for masterpieces of Plato and Aristotle, certainly, no original versions were handed down and circulated nowhere to find. (Let us not go into the matter that He knows nothing about ancient Greek so that he is not qualified to discuss it——if I am not eligible for that, there is no one that could be eligible! Those so-called Greek masterpieces were almost not original version of ancient Greek at all, either coming from Hebrew or Arabic). If someone admits the existence of them, please tell everyone which Greek masterpiece in Chinese version is rendered from ancient Greek? 

As for those innumerable so-called masterpieces of Aristotle stems most probably from piles of work by those under the mask of other authors  in different era in most different regions of ancient Asia Minor so that the translator of the Complete works of Aristotle, Mr. Miao, casts his doubt on it. 

V. Most of the so-called great Greek philosophers and scientists are not Greeks but Asians.

What's the most ironic, except Plato, a native Athenian, most of the so-called great Greek philosophers having countless Chinese fans are Asians, Anatolians, precisely speaking, including celebrated Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Euclid, Archimedes, etc.

All these are rock solid facts—could you deny the foreign slaves and devils?

VI. There’s no bond between the civilization of Ancient Athens and Greece and the civilization of Germanic of barbaric ethnic groups as well as Anglo-Saxon.

And the faces grown on those people attacking foreign slaves and devils are the cruelest: Greek civilization is not the resource of western white people.

Since Holy Roman Empire, the white and foreign people all the time mistake Greece and Roma as their ancestor. While Voltaire has put a word profoundly that this empire was not holy, and, neither Rome nor Empire it could be!

Even the history of Greece is totally true without any pseudo history, it doesn’t matter at all. Because Greeks and later Romans and so-called roman civilization were not proved as the predecessor of Germanic people, Anglo-Saxons, and western civilization. The two were not the same race, nor were they culturally inherited together. Conversely, Germanic people, including Anglo-Saxons were the foes of Greeks and Romans. These white people were called by Greeks and Romans barbaric ethnic groups speaking obscure languages. In their eyes, they were enemies of Greeks and Romans.

These white people don’t have ancient history they could took pride in. They have a barbaric origin, and they feel ashamed, so they made a false history as their predecessor. The so called Renaissance, was in fact a campaign forged by white people including Latin people, Germanic people, and Anglo-Saxons.

Something sensational has been found while revealing the pseudo history of Greece and Rome. Believably from now on more Chinese people will study and rethink about it. Then they will find, the whole world history written by westerners is factually faked according to western values, being anything but believable history. And what I have disclosed is just the tip of the iceberg.









































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